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The Majority of our Oak is sourced from North and East France.

We ship via the Palletways Network and can offer a 48hr delivery on most orders.

We currently stock the following grades of Oak.
You may find the following descriptions helpful when deciding which grade you require.

QBA (A grade); Straight grain, with centred heart,1 intergrown sound knot with max diameter 20mm per 2m run, sapwood upto max 40mm each side and heart shake but this should give rise to volume reduction, fine and semi fine grain isolated occurence of 1 of the following per board, frost split, ring shake, star shake (volume reduction)   
Not  admitted; curly grain, enclosed sapwood, red heart, brown rot, black streaks, stain, rot, spiral grain or through bark pocket
QB1; Grain may be slightly angled to logs' axis, 1 sound knot max 20mm diameter per 2m, heart shake permitted but must give rise to volume reduction,
Not admitted; curly grain, enclosed sapwood, spiral grain and through bark pocket.

QB3-4 (Rustic/character); Grain, no limitation of slope, knots permitted without limitation, other peculiarities admitted without limitation unless previously agreed.

European grading rules as specified by the timber network 'Fordaq.com'

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

AIR DRIED PRICES:                   

'A' Grade       

27mm.........£31 per ft+vat